Student Board of Directors

High Plains Farm Credit Student Board of Directors

High Plains Farm Credit is proud to collaborate with Fort Hays State University to offer students the opportunity to serve on a student advisory board.



The mission of the HPFC Student Board is to provide opportunities to those students wishing to gain leadership skills by participating in an academic/corporate agricultural finance experience. This includes exposure to the function of a Board of Directors and the development of decision-making skills related to an agricultural cooperative.

The students will gain valuable industry knowledge and have the opportunity to grow their network of professional contacts.


Student Board of Directors

The High Plains Farm Credit Student Board of Directors currently consists of two Finance majors, four Agriculture Business majors, and one Human Resource Management major. The students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and valuable knowledge about the Farm Credit System. Dr. Alan Deines, the Director of the Robbins Banking Institute at Fort Hays and an instructor of Finance, is the primary advisor for the Student Board. Jeremy Ryan, a Fort Hays Agriculture Business instructor, serves as the second advisor for the group.



The Student Board attends eight monthly meetings scheduled from September – April each year that are held at the High Plains Farm Credit office in Hays. Meeting times are set based on students’ schedules. Meetings may consist of a short presentation by High Plains’ staff and in some cases, student development work. Report or project preparation time may be required outside the monthly meetings. A $65/meeting honorarium is provided to each student pending meeting attendance.


Drones in Agriculture

Each year the Student Board is tasked with a research project. This year, they were assigned to research drone applications in agriculture. Drone technology is relatively young, and has many exciting current and potential uses in the agriculture industry. In the research, the Student Board interviewed several local drone operators, explored new applications for existing technology, and visited the drone lab at Fort Hays State University. They also researched the regulations involving drone use in agriculture, which continually appeared to be the largest barrier to local usage.

Be sure to check out the Student Board’s full drone presentation here.

Olivia Engler
2020 Student Board Chair

“The HPFC Student Board is an amazing opportunity that we, FHSU finance and agriculture students, get the chance to participate in. Not only have I networked through this organization, but I have also gained so much exposure and knowledge in agricultural lending that will help me in my future endeavors. There is no other opportunity like this!”

Kyle Cure
2020 Student Board Member

“Having the opportunity to be a part of the High Plains Farm Credit Student Board of Directors had been a very impactful program which has provided me with skills, experience, and knowledge of the Farm Credit system.”

Dr. Tisa Mason
President of Fort Hays State University

“The High Plains Farm Credit student advisory board is an opportunity for students to put learning into action and make a difference in the future of the agriculture industry and banking in Kansas. This unique collaborative experience helps students to build a future in finance, expand their network with industry leaders, share a voice in the drafting of forward-thinking agriculture lending policy, and engage in leading-edge agriculture and banking research.”

Eligibility & Selection

Eligibility and selection criteria to be a member of the student board are as follows:

  • FHSU College of Business and Department of Agriculture students who are enrolled in their sophomore or junior year
  • Directors may serve consecutive years by reapplying for a position each spring
  • Students are eligible to continue on the board after graduation only if pursuing a graduate degree at FHSU
  • Directors are eligible to serve a maximum of four years


Application Process

To be considered for the High Plains Farm Credit Student Board of Directors, complete and submit this application along with a resume and transcript by April 29, 2022 to:

Alan Deines
Director, Robbins Banking Institute
221A McCartney Hall

The selection process and possible interviews will be completed by May 10, 2022. Letters will be sent to those selected to serve on the board.