Welcome Kansas Corn

High Plains Farm Credit had the pleasure of hosting four college students and two Kansas Corn staff members on Friday, June 26 to our office in Hays as part of the Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy program. As part of the program, the students had the opportunity to meet with different businesses across Kansas to learn more about the corn and Ag industry.


What is the Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy?

The Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy gives college students the opportunity to dive deeper into the corn industry. It provides insights into the opportunities and hurdles that lie ahead of the corn industry and how their future career paths may be impacted. Areas of focus include policy, trade, livestock, ethanol, best agronomic practices, and advocacy. This serves as a great opportunity for students engage and network with stakeholders that may affect their future careers.

Participating students will create a capstone project that will relate the information they have learned back to their area of study. Students will participate in a day at the Statehouse in Topeka and Corn Congress in Washington D.C.

Kansas Corn Growers Association
Meeting with Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy students
Chase Ostmeyer, Regional Vice President, talks with the Kansas Corn Collegiate Academy students.

Learning About High Plains Farm Credit

The students started the meeting by going around the room and introducing themselves and what they were majoring in. While the students were in our office, they were able to ask Chase Ostmeyer, Regional Vice President, questions about his day-to-day job, how he ended up working at High Plains, and how COVID-19 has affected the way we do business. Additionally, Chase discussed how we were fulfilling our mission and working with producers during these unprecedented times. Finally, he concluded the presentation by answering questions from the students.

We appreciated the opportunity to host these students and look forward to doing it again. To learn more about the Collegiate Academy, click here.