Farm Credit Releases New Free Farm Stress Training for Farmers and Ranchers

Farming is a stressful job—even in good times. As part of our mission to support rural communities and agriculture, we are excited to announce the availability of a free online farm stress-training program for farmers, ranchers and rural residents, funded by Farm Credit.

About the Training

This Rural Resilience online course is free and open to the public, and we encourage you to share it widely with anyone who may be interested. The program will help participants develop the skills to:

  • Understand sources of stress
  • Learn the warning signs of stress and suicide
  • Identify effective communication strategies
  • Reduce the stigma related to mental health concerns and
  • Connect farmers and ranchers with appropriate mental health and other resources.

Sign Up Today

You can register for the training here, or learn more about Farm Credit’s commitment to farmers and ranchers’ wellbeing.