Let us help you save money and earn interest

At High Plains, let us help you save money and earn interest.  Funds Held are interest-earning accounts used to hold funds until needed for loan payments or other agricultural purposes. These accounts were designed for the benefit and convenience of customers, to help manage future financial obligations related to your loan, such as principal and interest payments, or for the payment of insurance premiums, taxes, or other related items.


If you are a High Plains stockholder, then you’re eligible to participate in a Funds Held account.  The balance in your future payment fund cannot exceed your total annual payment(s) and your other funds held accounts cannot exceed the principal of your outstanding loan plus any available commitment.

“Future Payment Funds earn the same interest rate as your loan rate.”


You will earn interest on money that you contribute to your Funds Held accounts. The future payment fund account earns the same interest rate as your loan and all other accounts earn a monthly variable interest rate set by High Plains Farm Credit. Interest earned on your Funds Held Account is reported periodically to you and annually on Form 1099-I to the IRS.



You can direct the application of Funds Held by simply making a request to your loan officer.  If an installment or other loan obligation is not paid when due, the Association reserves the right to apply funds from the Funds Held Account to pay the installment or loan obligation. For this purpose, the borrower grants the Association a security interest in all Funds Held Accounts of the borrower. The funds so applied will not be available for withdrawal.