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CoBank Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange is an innovative knowledge-sharing initiative that is designed to provide strategic insights about trends, structural change, and policy directives within the key rural industries served by CoBank. It draws upon the expertise within CoBank and the rest of the Farm Credit System, the broad perspective of outside consultants and academics, and the first-hand knowledge and experience of CoBank’s customers to enhance CoBank’s collective understanding of emerging business opportunities and risks.

The following Knowledge Exchange articles have been selected by High Plains Farm Credit as featured articles:

Quarterly U.S. Rural Economic Review – Trade Resolutions Boost Optimism for a New Year, December 2019

“The fourth quarter is ending with much more optimism on trade and the economy compared to how it began. Washington has put together a year-end blitz on trade and immigration reform, setting up 2020 to start with a limited U.S.-China trade deal and ratification of USMCA.” Click here to view the entire CoBank Fourth Quarter Update.

The Year Ahead: Forces That Will Shape the U.S. Rural Economy in 2020, December 2019

“The year is coming to a close with an encouraging flurry of activity in Washington that holds promise for the U.S. and rural economies in 2020. This positive momentum will give way to another year of U.S. economic expansion, and deliver broader benefits than in the early years of the economic recovery.” Click here to view the entire CoBank Knowledge Exchange article.

Grain Elevator Outlook: Tight Basis Squeezes Grain and Oilseed Margins, December 2019

“Grain elevators face a struggle in the year ahead as they buy expensive basis on corn, soybeans, and wheat at levels not seen in years. Grain elevators are offering farmers incentives to sell bushels such as lower rates on storage, free delayed pricing, and free grain drying, which are eating into the elevators’ revenues.” Click here to view the entire CoBank Knowledge Exchange article.

Communications Quarterly Insights, October 2019

“The FCC continues to incentivize broadband investments rather than provide landline support with its new 10-year, $20B Rural Digital Opportunity Fund scheduled to begin in 2020.” Click here to view the entire CoBank Q3 Communications Quarterly Update.

Trade Remains the Focus as Tariffs Take Toll on Agriculture, October 2019

“Trade negotiation breakthroughs with China remain elusive, and the U.S. agricultural sector is preparing for its second harvest under the shadow of hefty tariffs. Lower feed prices, however, are aiding animal protein and dairy margins.” Click here to view the entire CoBank Knowledge Exchange article.

Corn Crop Uncertainty Raises Volatility for Grain Elevators, August 2019

“Nonstop spring rain delayed planting, which means the crop is late in maturing, especially in states across the eastern U.S. Corn Belt. The industry is bracing for what’s to come at harvest.” Click here to view the entire CoBank Knowledge Exchange article.

Energy and Water Quarterly Insights, August 2019

“The industry has seen complete Wholesale Power Contract (WPC) buyouts, requests for buyout quotes, litigation over buyouts, altered membership classes, changing WPC provisions, attempted board upheavals, and other developments. However, it is important to keep in mind that these situations represent the minority of such relationships.” Click here to view the entire CoBank Knowledge Exchange Industry Update.

Agricultural Economy

Dr. David Kohl

The Ag Globe Trotter
Dr. Kohl is Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Finance and Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Dr. Kohl has traveled more than 8 million miles throughout his professional career and has conducted over 6,000 workshops and seminars for various agricultural groups.

Peterson Farm Brothers

Brothers Greg, Nathan, and Kendal are siblings who farm with their parents near Assaria, Kansas. Though best known for their ag-related song parodies, they also have a number of informational videos, as well as their ‘Life of a Farmer’ video series that details what happens on the farm each month of the year. Check them out for some great knowledge and entertainment.