Your Trusted Lender

High Plains Farm Credit continually strives to be a trusted partner in our stockholders’ operations by being a reliable source of credit, offering competitive rates, and providing other financially related services to assist stockholders during difficult times.  High Plains’ history of delivering strong earnings continued in 2020 with $26.3 million in net income, which accumulates to the benefit of our stockholders.  It allows us to return these earnings to our member-owners through our patronage dividend program reducing the effective interest rate paid on eligible loans by more than 1 percent.

Board of Directors declare record patronage.
Board of Directors declare record patronage back to our farmers and ranchers
patronage paid in 2020

$12.9 Million Patronage Back to Farmers & Ranchers

We’re proud to announce that in March, High Plains will distribute a record breaking $12,900,000 in patronage dividend checks. Over the past 5 years, your Board of Directors have declared and paid over $46 million in patronage distributions, demonstrating our desire to help our members, especially as many of you continue to deal with challenging economic conditions.

More Stockholder Benefits

Another benefit available to all stockholders is the HPFC Preferred Investment Account, which can be a great resource when managing finances and offers a competitive return.  The average dividend rate in 2020 was 1.46% with dividends paid semiannually in January and July each year. To find out more about this program and all of our other services, please visit our website at