Why did you choose to work at HPFC?
I initially chose to work at HPFC because it was known as one of the better jobs Ness County had to offer. Since being employed, I honesty can say it is the best place to work! The employees and Board are one of the best group of people to work with. They care for one another and their families far beyond just work.

What is the best part about working at HPFC?
The best part about working at HPFC are the people l I get to work with and the stockholders I meet though out the year.

What is your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of my job is typing loans. You get a better knowledge of the borrower your typing the loan for which will lead to a better relationship with them. There is always something new to learn. Each loan is unique in its own way.

What is your business philosophy?
To wake up each morning with a grateful heart. To treat everyone with respect and compassion. To be the kind of person that would brighten a person’s day. Even though things will not always work out right away, as long as I keep striving to make improvements, I’ll eventually get there and accomplish my goals. Take constructive criticism and learn from it even though it may be hard to hear. You can’t correct something if you don’t know you are doing it wrong. Everyone is different in their own way. We all have our own perspectives and experience. Working as a team will not only broaden one’s knowledge but you can come up with new ideas or solutions to existing ones.

What do you like to do when you’re not a work?
When I’m not work, my greatest passion is to spend time with family. Family means everything to me. In my spare time I also enjoy socializing with friends, taking walks, reading and watching Hallmark movies.