Many of you may remember the Farm Credit logos developed in 1963. Prior to that Farm Credit had hundreds of logos, so an effort was made to develop a more streamlined, purposeful logo. A circular emblem was produced to represent Farm Credit’s all inclusive services. As one Farm Credit article put it, “Farmers seeing one emblem…clear across the United States, will come to realize that this is indeed a strong, nationwide organization.” Even though the same emblem was utilized, each logo represented the three main functions of the Farm Credit System by color. A blue logo for the Federal Land Banks and Federal Land Bank Associations, a red logo for the Production Credit Associations, and a gold logo for the Bank for Cooperatives.

By the mid-1980s, Farm Credit leaders began to believe that the System needed to create an even stronger, coordinated identity. They hired a corporate design firm, and in the spring of 1985, released the BioStar – the logo that identifies the national Farm Credit System today. It is used to portray the Farm Credit System as a strong and unified system ready to meet the ever-changing needs of our industry.

The design of the BioStar was very deliberate, with each element representing something about Farm Credit. The leaves represent the three types of lending done by the Farm Credit System: long-term real estate, short-term operating and cooperative financing. The roots that extend from the bottom symbolize our cooperative structure and our long history of grassroots support of rural America. The star in the middle represents vibrancy and direction. Finally, the brilliant green color represents the nature of our stockholders’ business: to grow, produce and harvest food and fiber.

High Plains Farm Credit is very proud to be a part of the Farm Credit System and to utilize the BioStar in our logo. It represents progress and a commitment to you, our stockholders, as we strive for excellence. Thank you for choosing High Plains Farm Credit and contributing to our success!