High Plains Appraisal Services

Our appraisers know the lay of the land. When you need to know the value of your assets, let our state-certified general appraisers assist you.  High Plains Farm Credit’s appraisal team specializes in valuations on agricultural and rural properties. If you are selling, purchasing, or financing property, or even if you are estate planning or gifting property, you will want to know the market value.  Our appraisers use an extensive pool of information and market sales data. We are known for our rural appraisal expertise and unbiased, objective approach to property appraisal and analysis.


We Do Fee Appraisals, Too

Our appraisal team can perform the appraisal even if you are not financing through us.  In addition to providing appraisal services on loan collateral properties, High Plains’ skilled appraisers complete private fee appraisals. Attorneys, accountants, realtors, business partners and property owners seek the opinions of our appraisers to guide their real estate decisions.  Fees are competitive and are determined on a case-by-case basis.  You’ll work with an appraiser to determine the cost, based on your unique property and appraisal report requirements.

Our appraisers are ready for your call. Contact them to schedule your next appraisal!

Kirk Green, Certified Appraiser

Kirk Green, VP Appraiser


Cami Long, Appraiser

Cami Long, Appraiser

Nathan Copeland, Appraiser

Nathan Copeland, Appraiser

Barry Schwien, Crop Insurance Agent and Appraiser

Barry Schwien, Appraiser