Farm loans for beginning farmers. Make Yours the Best it Can Be.

Young, Beginning, and Small Farmer Program

Agriculture is one of the most demanding and challenging professions, especially for those just starting out. At High Plains, we offer beginning farmer loans as we recognize the future of agriculture is dependent upon those willing to take up those challenges.

In a dedicated effort to support the future of agriculture and promote Rural America, High Plains Farm Credit has created specific programs for the Young, Beginning, and Small Farmer (YBS). An equally important piece to our YBS program is the dedication, experience and expertise of our staff, especially when working with applicants who do not meet typical loan underwriting standards. In addition to tailoring one of our flexible financing packages to meet the needs of a beginning farmer, the combined experience of our staff allows us to work with various Federal and State programs to help make your dream a reality.


You qualify, if you meet one or more of the following criteria!

-A young farmer is 35 years of age or younger.
-A beginning farmer has less than 10 years of farming, ranching, or aquatic agriculture experience.
-A small farmer produces $250,000 or less in gross farm sales.


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