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Agriculture is the only industry we serve.  Along with a broad range of lending options, we offer a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who understand your business and credit needs and will work for your success.  The benefits of using High Plains Farm Credit as your lender:

  • Competitive rates and products. Fixed, variable or a combination of both.
  • Expert, on-farm service. You will work with a relationship lender who knows the ins and outs of agricultural businesses and will take the time to thoroughly understand your operation and its credit needs.
  • Flexible terms. We tailor our loan and repayment plans to a variety of interest rate programs, depending on the loan’s purpose, repayment terms and the flexibility you need.
  • Reliable credit. We offer revolving and non-revolving lines of credit to fit your business needs. And we pride ourselves on being a consistent source of credit through all agricultural cycles.
  • Loan, lease analysis. Your loan officer will help you analyze the pros and cons in your decision between choosing a loan or a lease.
  • Commitment to agriculture. As owners of High Plains Farm Credit, our customer-stockholders share in the financial success of their financial cooperative. We have a record of returning a percentage of earnings as a patronage dividend.


Loan and Lease Programs

High Plains Farm Credit offers mortgage and commercial loans designed to provide flexibility for your cash management needs.

  • Farm Real Estate Loans. We have a wide range of products for the purchase, improvement, or refinancing of debt on farms, ranches, facilities and rural real estate.
  • Operating Loans. We understand the cyclical nature of agriculture.  Our loans are flexible and can be customized to meet your feed, seed, labor and fuel needs of your operation.
  • Livestock and Equipment Loans. Borrow funds for new or used equipment, grain bins, buildings, farm improvements, vehicles and livestock – all at rate options that fits the needs of your operation.
  • Agribusiness Loans. In addition to financing individual agribusiness owners in Kansas, we also handle feedlots, grain elevators, ethanol plants or any other ag processing or manufacturing company.
  • Leases. Equipment and facilities can be leased to provide tax advantages and flexibility to fit your cash flow needs.
  • Easy Access to your Accounts.  Monitor your loan accounts via our online banking or mobile app.


Flexible Terms and Interest Rates

High Plains Farm Credit offers competitively priced interest rate products and terms.  Our interest rates reflect current market trends because our funds come from the sale of Farm Credit bonds.  With our responsible track record, Farm Credit securities are attractive to investors and generally sell at only slightly higher rates than equivalent Treasury bills and securities.

Fixed Rate Loans

Fully fixed rate to maturity loans with various prepayment options.  Available in 30-day to 30-year long periods.

Variable Rate Loans

Interest rates may change monthly based on the cost of short-term money.  Available in 1- to 30-year terms.

Variable Indexed Loans

Typically one-month rates indexed to either New York Prime or LIBOR (London InterBank Offered Rate).  Available in 1- to 30-year terms.

Adjustable Rate Loans

Interest rate is typically fixed for a one-, three-, or five-year period.  Available in 5- to 30-year terms with rate “caps” to protect you from excessive rate increases.

Fixed to Variable Loans

Interest Rate is typically fixed for a five- or ten-year period, then subject to reprice monthly according to our variable rate loan program.  Available in terms up to 30-years.

Loan Conversion Options

When interest rates or circumstances change, you can convert existing loans to lower interest rates or other available products offered by the Association.

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